Sonny's Metal Art
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About Us

     Greetings and welcome to Sonny's Metal Art!  I hope your visit is enjoyable and puts a smile on your face.

     Everything you see is made from discarded metal, miscellaneous car and motorcycle parts, as well as household items, with the exception of most of the copper sculpture.

     I try to use humor in most of my work.  My point is to make people laugh and feel good when they view my sculpture.  I have been known to laugh out loud while welding metal objects together.

     I do not have fixtures to reproduce the sculptures I create.  Therefore, when I create multiples of the same subject, they remain one of a kind.

     The delightful expression on the Jester's face is from the vision he has when he sees metal!!!

     Feel free to contact me via E-Mail, or by writing.


Thanks for dropping in, and stop by soon to see the changing inventory or art.



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